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Heart and Wings  - Supporting your inner growth

Growth Series (150 EUR/ Series on Friday @ 19h30)

In these sessions, we don't just tell you what things to do.

We actually do them, and we do them together.


It is practice, not theory, that will gradually help you to become

a better, happier, wiser and stronger version of yourself.


In each session, there will be some small aspect of psychological theory,

there will be some text to inspire us,

perhaps a song or a poem at times.


We explain what we do and why we do it,

but mainly we take pleasure in practising together,

and try to encourage you to find the time to enjoy these practices at home,

in your daily work or just walking outside.

Single sessions are ok to try and see if these sessions feel right to you,

but true progress comes from repitition.

So we encourage people to subscribe for a series

which consists of minimum15 sessions over 4 months,

to get a real taste of what 'Training the Heart' is all about.   

The heart has its own neurons, and its own 'thinking'.

The rythm at which a heart beats,

the so-called heart variability and heart coherence,

are powerful predictors -of the psychological and emotional state you are in

and even of how long you will live.

There is an electromagnetic quality to our heart,

which is the biggest generator of electric impulses in our body

Practising in a group means you get help and support from that group;

 by being close to one another,

our hearts synchronize, literally.

That synchronization, along with the effort of each individual,

 allows for the group to reinforce the learning,

accelerates the learning

For this reason,

it is also important to have someone with a certain experience to guide the group.

It is not just what is being said.

One can find most of the theory online, somewhere.

But by practising together, we are more likely to get a positive result, 

the result willcome faster and easier

 we are more likely to continue our practise,

and we can share about the specific difficulties or joys,

which we experience along the way

We try to practise what we preach.

While we aim at providing excercises which are backed by science,

we also recognize science is limited and often restricted to a somewhat theoretical approach,

restrained by scientific framework.

Our main inspiration therefore, comes forth from the sufi and daoist traditions,

cultivated and refined over centuries.

While daoist traditions are more oriented towards developing inner strength,

sufi traditions have thaught a warm, loving, and joyful way of going through life.

These traditions are true treasures.

They have been proven over time, 

and in recent times the most experienced practitioners have been studied by science

discovering that the part of the brain most related to happiness

is much more developed in these people.

That only proves what was already known:

that these practices really make a difference in many areas:

reducing stress, being more succesful, more joyful, becoming less afraid,

being more warmhearted, more healthy, better able to deal with failure,

more likely to do good for other people,

being more optimistic and more confident.

Having practised in the daoist and sufi tradition for some time,

over time a certain kind of inner strength

and an inner joy beyond words has been building up.

Naturally, one feels inclined to share them.

So, in the hope of doing some good,

in the hope of reaching some good people,

or helping some people in need,

we have tried to bring excercises from these traditions

which are also backed by and advocated by science,

so there is no need for fear or doubt. 

We are attempting to give out a way of learning which is

respecting science and respecting the traditions

which gave birth to these practices.

For some, this may prove to be a stepping stone to learn about the old traditions,

and we will happily direct them to the schools where one can practise those.

For others, it may be sufficient just to experience and enjoy the practices.

It is our true hope that it will help you on your way. 

The growth series starts on Friday at 19h30 @ Huys Mira, Brusselstraat 232 in Groot-Bijgaarden

Each session starts with a specific theme, then moves on to active practices and ends with a moment of reflection, a moment to share and an opportunity to set our intentions until the next session.

A single session is 20 EUR. However if you choose for the full series over 4 months, which has minimum 15 sessions, the cost is150 EUR - so 10 EUR per session, or less.

Crossing the River

Individual sessions (165 EUR/session)


A session consists of an introductory talk and a coaching session.  

In the introductory conversation, you state as clearly as possible

* what you are struggling with

* why you need help

* how the situation arose

* what you would ideally like to see happen

* ...

The better you describe what you want to accomplish, the better we can tailor to you.


Try to formulate it for yourself as best you can and as clearly as possible.

This can be done by phone, zoom or on site, depending on your preference.

Count on 15 min to half an hour.

The introductory talk will cost you 25 EUR and has to be paid in advance.

In some cases this talk in itself can be enlightening, so at this point we also take the time to consider whether the actual coaching session is still desirable for you, or whether your problem might already be solved.


The actual coaching is based entirely on the introductory talk, both in method and content.

We help you bring out the best in yourself.

How long this takes depends of course on the course of the conversation, but will usually take about an hour and a half.

The individual sessions are intended to help you find solutions to your very specific individual problems, using your own strengths, focussing on your own goals and using your own wisdom. The only reason we offer this method, is because we have seen the remarkable results for ourselves, and fully trust in the method.

No method is good to fix all problems, so in some cases, something else is required. A more advisory approach or a more therapeutic approach may be required to deal with individual issues. If we feel this is more appropriate, we will gladly refer you to someone who is in a better position to help you.


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