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Training the Heart

While our minds are trained frequently and extensively,

our hearts are neglected so often.

Training the heart is the most difficult thing to do.

And while training the heart has always been hard, 

the imbalance between heart and mind has never been so big.

The result is stress, burnout, anger, frustration, fear, dispair,

a feeling of loneliness and other negative feelings...

Usually psychotherapy will give you tips and tricks

to reduce the impact of your own negative thinking.

What we aim for is at another level.

It is taking on the challenge of training the heart.

When watching modern day corporate training sessions or self help books,

so often they just summarize what you should do to reach a certain result.

And then they expect that just telling you what to do, is all it takes. 

Now imagine a soccer coach.

Imagine the very best soccer coach in human history.

How many hours of perfect, accurate explanation would it take him

to teach a kid to become as good as Messi,

without actually playing or training?

Everyone can understand this will never work.

Nobody gets good at soccer only by hearing explanations. 

For exactly the same reason,

one cannot just tell someone how their heart should feel.

But in pretty much the same way, the heart can be trained.

Training the heart is often a slow process,

but like a beautiful journey or a mountain hike

one will find out, it is not about being fast.

It is about discovering,

about finding beauty and enjoying every step

just as much as it is about reaching the goal 

whether one travels fast, or slow.

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