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Is this for me?

When is it good for you to participate in the group sessions?

Or in other words, what will this do for you?


In simple words,

* If you want to become a stronger, wiser person,

* If you want to find inner balance and peace

* If you struggle with time and stress of everyday life

* If you are anxious or sad and hope to find joy in your life

* If you feel unfulfilled

* If you search for meaning

* If you wish to be a better person for those who are close to you

* If you wish to understand yourself and those around you better

* Or, if you simply want to enjoy a lovely evening in a calm and nurturing environment

If any of the above applies to you, then you may want to join us on our journey in the growth series.

If you have a specific question, if you need to work on a very personal and individual issue, you may want to consider an individual session 

Crossing the River
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