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The Method

Heart and Wings  - Supporting your inner growth

We aim to support those who strive for inner growth in 3 very different ways:

- Our main focus is on  the inner training, in the form of guided group sessions aimed at inner growth.

- For those with very specific issues, we offer support by coaching in individual sessions

- But also indirectly, on a material level, we try to support by offering a ride or renting space at low cost.

Find out more about inner training: Dates & Prices, Background, Session contents, who is likely to benefit,

Om pose

The training in our growth series is clearly structured.

1. Introduction of a specific theme, giving a psychological framework. 

    This helps you to grow in understanding, or hints how you may apply things in your life.


2. Active practices

    Various excercises help you to relax, energize, strengthen your mind and train the heart.

    This is the training part because 'practice makes perfect' 

3. Closing 

    This is a time to reflect, share and set our intentions.

    For those who wish, after the session there is a short moment (15 min) for tea and questions.


For a more detailed overview of the topics and practices we may cover, please click here.

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