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About us

Supporting Personal Growth and Durability


Heart and Wings is a small and new organisation.

We offer our services targeting to support inner growth.

Growth Series:

a weekly program, designed to help you grow @ Huys Mira in Groot-Bijgaarden

20 EUR for 1 session; 150 EUR for the Series (minimum 15 sessions over a period of 4 months)


Individual sessions:

coaching sessions tailored to your needs

25 EUR for the intake, 140 EUR for the session

Other services (only on demand):

A growth program tailored to your organisation

A partner to spar on AI implementation 

Mobility solutions or renting space

Contact us to receive an offer.

Our Details

Contact us: or +32 496 87 95 11   

Visit us: Brusselstraat 2321702 Groot-Bijgaarden

VAT number: BE0803.983.213

Where to find us:



Learn more about one of the prevalent

positive psychology models, as seen by 

Martin Seligman

Colinda Cardon

In case  you look for a more therapeutic approach

Daoist spirituality in a pragmatic, enjoyable form which will build your inner strength

Huys Mira

   Our homebase 😊

    A space for



       relaxation and

       alternative ways of health

Spirituality of the heart

Site gathering various activities and information on Universal Sufism in Belgium

Meditations and other

sufi activities of the

Inayati Order in Belgium

Crossing the River
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