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Any questions?

In this sections, we try to answer some of the questions you may have.

If you do not find the answer you are looking for, feel free to contact us

I prefer private sessions. Why the focus on group sessions?

Working in a group has a number of major benefits for the participants.

One is heart coherence - focussing together on the same goal produces better results, and as the group progresses all participants benefit. 

A second benefit is that working in a group allows sharing experiences, which allows people to learn from eachother  but also promotes social interaction in a positive way. Of course, sometimes interactions are not so positive, but even this can be an opportunity to increase internal strength and learn. The group experience is part of the practice.

Third, working in a group tends to support us, helps our motivation and avoids people to drop out when the external circumstances are tough.

From a completely different perspective, time is limited, and working in groups allows us to support more people in the same timeframe.

We do offer individual coaching sessions for very specific personal issues, which are not touched upon in the group. But this is intended mainly as a support and as an exception, not as a way of giving private lessons.

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Can I step in halfway in the growth series?

Yes you can. But, you will have to commit to at least 15 sessions if you wish to pay less per session.

And the dates for the next series may not be decided yet.

For example, you want to join when only 5 sessions remain. 

In that case you will have to pay 5 x 10 EUR for the running series and 150 EUR for the next series.

So, you will pay 200 EUR for minimum 20 sessions, instead of 150 EUR for minimum 15 sessions.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to commit so much in advance, you can join single sessions at 20 EUR/session.

Whenever you feel comfortable to commit, you can apply for joining the series.

Choose whatever method suits you best.

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Can you organize a program for companies?

If you are aiming to improve the wellbeing of employees, or you wish to offer them some benefits, or want to counter burnout or chronic illness of course the growth series might be a helpful tool.

However, we will only accept assignments that are fully congruent with our goal of supporting peoples inner growth.

If you have a specific request, feel free to contact us and we will come back to you.

Some guidelines:

 - employees must have the freedom to join or decline and those that join must have sufficient time to do so.

- the program can be slightly tailored to specific company requests, but we will only offer programs aiming at inner growth

- we can offer 1 single session to have a taste, or a series of at least 15 sessions. Nothing in between.

An alternative might be to offer your employees the possibility to join the regular growth series on Friday evening.

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Can I join a shorter program than the growth series?

One of the ways this works, is through neuroplasticity. It takes a certain time for the brain to change, for habitual patterns to change. 15 sessions is a good start, and it should not take 15 sessions before you feel the effect, but true results come with time and practice. 

While shortterm effects may feel wonderful, in order to have some lasting effect and in order to have life changing effects, more is needed than just a few short experiences.


So in short: no, we will not offer shorter programs.

But you still have the liberty of signing up for single sessions, if you are not able to commit yet.

I'm interested but I'm afraid I cannot always join.

Sometimes life requires us to balance things. What is important is that you have the intention to join whenever you can.

But there is no need to worry if you cannot join every time, even though we do recommend to make your best efforts to join as much as possible.

In case you cannot join, you may try to continue to practise at home, whenever time allows, and without forcing yourself.

There is something to be learned in every situation.

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